My Body My Weapon

Irom Sharmila is a young woman of Manipur who has been on a fast-to-death for nearly 7 years now. She has been demanding the removal of a brutal law from her land. Manipur is a north-east Indian state (bordering Myanmar), riven for decades by insurgency and armed separatist movements. The Government of India has attempted to control the situation militarily, granting drastic powers to the security forces. The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act enforced in the region lets people be arrested, shot and even killed – on suspicion alone. But Sharmila is willing to stake everything — even her life — to restore justice and dignity to her people.

Director: Kavita Joshi
11 mins

AFSPA 1958

Th. Manorama Devi a 32-year-old woman, a separatist suspect, was picked by the forces of the 17th Assam Rifles from her home on 11th July, 2004 issuing an arrest-memo. Her dead body was later found near a hillock under suspicious circumstance. People largely believed she was raped and later shot. From there onwards people throughout the state started holding protest and agitation against the excesses of the security forces committed under the cover of Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958. This film is a diary of events, which took place in Manipur from the day Th. Manorama Devi died, till a youth dies setting himself on fire, protesting against the controversial Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958.

Director: Haobam Paban Kumar
52 minutes

April 6th

For Renu, a 28 year-old widow from North-East India, April 6 is a day of joy, mourning and resolve. On that day in 2005 Renu married her husband Mung. Only two years later her husband was shot dead on that very same date. ‘April 6th’ follows Renu’s journey as she transformed her life from a desperate situation of losing her husband and being labeled the wife of a ‘terrorist’, to becoming a community leader fighting for the rights of widows and family members of victims to armed violence. 

Director: Chandam Netraj
11 mins

Le Mashale

Actor Ojas Suniti Vinay infuses fire in her performance depicting the will of Irom Sharmila and the alienation of the Northeast from the rest of India in this one act solo performance titled ‘Le Mashale’.

Writer: Civic Chandran
Performance: Ojas Suniti Vinay
Duration: 40 mins approx
Footage courtesy: Uma Tanaku, Uma Chakravarti


ECHE, meaning elder sister in the Meitei language of Manipur is a tribute to Irom Sharmila’s fearless and relentless struggle against the AFSPA, made on the 10th anniversary of her fast. It speaks to hw the removal of AFSPA can make way for peace, harmony, and progress of Manipur.

Producer: Imphal Talkies
Song: Imphal Talkies
6 minutes

Where Have You Hidden My New Moon Crescent

The film ‘Where Have You Hidden My New Moon Crescent’ is made in collaboration with the Association of the Parents of Disappeared Persons in Kashmir (APDP). The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), is a collective of the family members of the victims of enforced disappearances in Kashmir, seeking information about the whereabouts of their disappeared relatives. It is a tribute to Mughal Mase and her relentless quest for justice and redress. It explores issues of memory, violence and healing. Mughal Mase lived in Habba Kadal, Srinagar, Kashmir. On September 1, 1990, her only son Nazir Ahmed Teli, who was a teacher was disappeared, never to be found again.

Director: Iffat Fatima
Language : Kashmiri
Duration: 28 mins

Soldiers In Sarong

Duration: 44 mins

Produced By: North East Network